Night Elf Druid

Added 1969-12-31


BiteMesweet :D
KittenThorns-buff? :D
the lone poweralien is gooooooood drawer. so no more insecurness damnit!(see aliens corner intro)
Very nice picture. I like the leaf details and the flowy-ness of the cape especially.
FeathersShe almost looks like she is about to hurt someone though it pains her greatly to do so.
FeathersOn a cheerier note she has a wicked as costume
MoonMinxhe r eyebrows look like her ears.
raisinare those little things floating around her mines?
NøkkenDu er kjempeflink til å tegne Alien :), håper at jeg en dag også blir like flink.
bookbooknice! i like it.
MoonMinxif those are eyebrows, anyway
Black magic girlwonderful- I can only imagine how it would look in color!
MoonMinxin color it would look soooo nice. i would think there would be lots of purples and greens.


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