Drawn by the guides of the talented artist Fredrik Andersson (proceed with caution)

Dragon Conceptual

Added 2007-07-27


FaticiaNICE! Everyone loves dragons!!! :D
AryaA very good drawing of a dragon. I like it ALOT! :)
My compliments to Fredrik Anderson.
a fanthats cool!
MoonMinxim going to send it to my sister. shes always been trying to draw a dragon for a long time..........her first one looked like a troll........:)
hkmalyDamn the small papers. Part of wing is missing.
BregenorDragon's are hard, especially since there is no non insect six appendaged animal in nature to compare the bone structure to, you have to sort of meld two different skeletal ideas together. You've done really well with this though, I've always found the wing on the opposite side to be the most difficult, but i have that problem with any winged creature. The neck proportions look good too, which I've also found difficult.


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