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bookbookyou know what im going to do someday? im going to take every one of these drawings and turn them into a book.
Let me know and I'll buy one! And make a news post telling everyone else to buy one!
BIGYES! The comic too, should be on paper. I like better holding a book, instead of staring at the pc-screen.
Alien give money to someone else for her own drawings?
No no, Alien should make a book instead.
And then I could buy one! And everyone else that wanted ^_^
bookbookno, not copy the drawings and publish them! that'd be stealing! i'll just give each of these drawings a name and a character and write a book in which they all appear at least once, doing the thing they're doing in alien's drawings. the drawings just cry out of a story to me. but maybe that's the pixies in my brain.
AlienAye, that's what I thought you meant :)
I would really love to read what my drawings might inspire.


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