I am kitthulu, hear me purr.


Added 2007-07-31


Sillyhahaha! Here me purr, that is helarious! Awesomeness!
Pulsyi think she's family of Doctor Zoidberg from the cartoon Futurama... Or maybe she's just Davy Jones's cat from Pirates of the Carribean?
Adi SagestarDavy Jones Kitty!
SabreurI'm now sure whether to go 'awwwww' or run away screaming. Nicely done.
FaticiaThat is a level of wrong that is down right disturbing. And cute. Good job.
QwaylaThis is amazingly well done and very cute in a creepy kind of way! I sent it to my husband and he loved it too. The Kitthulu now resides on our computer (personal non-profit use only!)
bookbooki'm in love. meow, meow.
hkmaly"You tried to find /cmsimg/artwork261-kitthulu-bc39ca.png but there's nothing here but void. Maybe the pixies stole it." ... what ? Pixies, please, return the kitthulu ...
This image does keep vanishing. Very odd.
VolxtreemaAwwwwwwwwwwww! Cute & disturbing. Love it!!


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