Uicael Ind Ahbain

Devotee and cleric of the great elven creator Corellon Larethian, travelling the world hoping to make things good and nice.

Added 1969-12-31


AlienSilliest swordsheath ever. Sparkles!
MithandirSilliest swordsman ever. He wouldn't use a feather as a weapon in case he'd accidentally hurt somebody.
lnp4668Never met him, but he looks nice.
Neko-Yama...wow. -//- sounds like he would be interesting to meet...Some kinda sword-slinging pacifist.
krazzynice roman...no greek sheild. good to defend yourself from far of attackers. may i just say the short sword is a bad choice... i would recomend a nice spear or battle ax. O_O
eekeeI think he looks passive because he's exhausted, right? Deadly-looking sword... it's not actually sheathed, is it? Real nice pic, anyhow ;)
krazzy*no it's roman sorry*
IvelliosWouldnt a pole arm or a curved weapon like a scimitar be best for someone with a tower shield so that they could attack enemys without leaving themselves ungaurded
AryaWhere is the feather? I don't see a feather. He looks like my kind of fighter.
AnyaStyrzodWow. That's amazing
bookbookyes, i can just see it... the pacifist willing to fight for what he believes in (pacifism)
could use some work on the face but otherwise :D


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