Cauneth Dit?d Dorthatawar

Elven sorcerer, straight backed and proud.

Added 1969-12-31


AlienCan't stand the background.. can barely stand the elf. Should redo it, but *shrug*, might as well gobble up new projects.
lnp4668Yeah, the background rather rough, but the elf is nice. Why do all the elves looks so sad? Or are they constipated? :P
Not constipated, no. This one is sad cause he's in love :P
Pav LucistnikThis one is wonderful.
KittenLove the clothes! And expecially the details in the picture, the few details.. nice, nice!
Neko-YamaOooh, Inp! You're sooo mean- I'm an elf! okie, i'm not, but what if I was?
LaeWho is he in love with?
And is she in love with him too? Or is that why he's sad?
AerinelfPretty... :) I have to admit that I did think it was a girl at first. The robe looks sort of like a dress and something just seems... I don't know. Feminine.
DragonRyderI don't know why you are so hard on yourself, Alien. I only WISH I could draw anywhere near as well as you do.
bookbookO, i love this one!
MoiEven if you are not happy with the background and the elf, I really must complement you on that beautiful hand. I love drawing hands myself, and I know when I see a good one.


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