Halfling necromancing sorcerer, a character of Mithandir's I've drawn. His familiar is a pseudodragon.

Added 1969-12-31


AlienLook, he almost looks male!
MithandirHe looks great, thanks a lot for drawing him :)
Now if only somebody would let me play him ....
lnp4668Nice drawing, munchkin character though :P
MithandirHe's not a munchkin! He's a specialist!
VioletElvenEyesleave the poor halflings alooooone....i think he's cool! but...why does he have a scyth-thingey?
MithandirIt's a sickle. In druidic traditions it's used for harvesting herbs. As a necromancer he uses it for ...eh .. harvesting intestines mostly.
Eikan KilaranDoom to all people who get on his bad side! doom!! meahahaha...
OrcaNah, Gust of Wind if you're on his bad side...
Ajhoweynecool 8-)
Neko-YamaLooky, he has the Ring!!^-^
krazzydoooooom doooom onto all those who steal his lunch!!!! ( tee hee hee sorry eikan kilaran i had to;) )
CuriosityHe looks cool. Hey, my character has a pseudodragon in our D&D game. She's a Half-Elven Cleric Ranger
FaticiaSlick! Ok, I really like this one. Good job Alien!


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