Anaulen Thireat

Twi'lek fringer, from a starting Star Wars d20 campaign.

Added 1969-12-31


AlienThis silly creature is carrying a bow. We'll see how long he lives. Didn't do my research on this one, he's not supposed to have a protruding forehead at his age.
KaelicWell they don't all have them, it isn't wrong for him to do. And I think it looks good! Not too sure about a bow in the Star Wars universe though :)
OrcaIt's a modified bowcaster? :p
AlienNope, normal bow. Albeit probably made with SWish materials. It's a primitive weapon, which is basically all fringers are proficient with.
xanderthink about it this way- they use special kinds of weapons detectors, based off of energy signatures (easily detectable). So the bow is undetectable....

plus, especially if you unstring it, it just looks like a stick- who's going to take someone's stick away? Nobody would recognize it!
Ivyoooo! he has a heart thingy on his cloak clasp!! that soooo cool! the art is really good too!
AerinelfYAAAY for Twi'leks! I love his braintails.


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