Olthaneth Uilos

Elven transmuter, dnd character in a suspended campaign.

Added 1969-12-31


AlienThat's a robe.
OrcaStrapless gown for adventuring. Cool. Almost as good as a chainmail bikini and the leather armor jockstrap!
AlienDuct tape on the inside!
Neko-YamaOrca, you are scary. That had better not be what goes through every guy's mind when he sees something strapless.XP
Neko-YamaBy the wat, what's a transmuter?
Neko-YamaBy the way, what's a transmuter?
AlienA transmuter is a specialist wizard that concentrates on transmuting/changing things.
LadyIslayTransmuters are the kinds of people that turn you into newts.
Ajemiihe turned me into a newt!
a newt?
i got better...
monty python and the holy grail
AryaIs that a treasure map? If it is, come on, guys! Lets go find us some treasure! Mwwaaaahhhh! Sory, I just watched Pirates of the Carribean. Great picture. Probably my favorite.
AnyaStyrzodMonty Python! :D
But isn't it "she turned me into a newt"? Perhaps I'm mistaken...
bookbookGO MONTY PYTHON!!!!! NI! NI! NI! NI!
KhyrhonIt is a she in Monty Python.


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