Thug & Uicael

Thug, dwarven barbarian, and her slightly-more-than-friend Uicael, elven cleric. Here they're relaxing in a tavern after straining adventures. Thug is Hunter's character, put up here with permission.

Added 1969-12-31


Neko-YamaI've never imagined dwarves as being romantic before. Hehe...
PixieJessicaHe is obviously drunk.
ForceUserNice, I like, esp the expression on the dwatrfs face, looks peacefull
krazzyNeko-Yama! thats sick there both males!!! ow my poor brain...
ForceUserhmm.. donno, looks like a female to me, er although I could be wrong, ya never know with alien...
FloraIn the picture it even says that the DWARF is female and the elves name suggests male thought they could be both females... But thw dwarf is for sure female because it says

"...dwarven barbarian, and her..."
AryaAhhhhhhh!!! This is crazy!! What is an elf and a dwarf doing together!?! I thought dwarves and elves disliked eachother way much?!
bookbookdrunk, the both of them. shameful.


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