I hate backgrounds :p Omwati jedi guardian padawan learner, from a star wars campaign.

Added 1969-12-31


AlienDang. Was that supposed to be fewer bytes?
OrcaIs the light saber too heavy for him? :)
NekoHitoriMy guess is that he has weak wrists. The pansy. ^_^
BIGWell, if he's only a learner, maybe he don't know quite how to use the saber yet. According to his firm look, I think he's giving all his attention to master the technique.
I like most the heavy, thick clothes he's wearing, and the texture in the fabric.
Neko-YamaMy first thought was that I've never heard of a Sw race called Omwati. Disturbing, what with me being a Star Wars geek. My little bro says:"Niiice."
Neko-YamaYeah, We're all SW geeks here.
xanderAbout the saber grip; the added hand on his wrist will help speed and power moves to be made- especially since it appears to be only a one-handed saber (Movie ones are usually two). It's his stance I'd worry more about (that and the fact that his clothing appears to be a little restrictive for some of the moves you can pull).
PixieJessIt's pretty cool. I've seen the star wars movies. But , of course , who hasn't? Don't even start with the geeks thing. (GRRR!)
Drygonthe way he's holding it, it looks like he's twisted it around from faceing backwards. The saberlooks a bit(or byte, Alien) to heavy. I also go with xander, altho the extra hand might be because he sprained his hand or something.
AerinelfI think it's really good! The lightsaber looks a little short, but I know how tall Omwatis are, so...
bookbooki really need to see more SW.
MoiWonderful shading! The painterly feel is fantastic, and the skin is beautiful as well. Plus, you get kudos for it being SW fan art.
MoonMinx*snigger.......snort......peals of laughter....snort, snort.....more laughter....panting.. giggles..........more panting*


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