Lotht?riel I

Lotht?riel, first version. Female drow thief, complete with finger blades to chop purse bottoms to pieces.

Added 1969-12-31


AlienFirst version of Lotht?riel, a character playing Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil. She was pretty much finished when Mith said I couldn't play a drow anyway. Maybe I'll find a new use for her.
MithandirSowwy ..... I should have read the module more before saying you could be drow :(
Think of it this way tho ... if you'd played her, Alrion would have been the only male.
BIGThe "spider's web" she wears as upper part of her clothes, COOL!
Neko-YamaGod thing she has something else under it!!
krazzy*drooool* wow
krazzyshe's got loth in her name.... high preistess or non-intentional... (it took me awhile to stop staring at her and look at her name.
krazzyhas anyone told you drow fems cover up there necks....
DragonRyderWHAT IS A DROW?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Ajemiievil elf-thingy i think
Ajemiihey do i know you (DragonRyder) because i have a friend with the last name Ryder
or is that just how you decided to spell 'rider'??
AryaDragonRyder, a drow is an underground elf. In saying this, I mean, they live underground. The elves that you probably are familiar with are called Sun elves. Love the pictures, Alien.
bookbookWOW. do you mind if i introduce someone like her into my latest book? she won't be named Lotht?riel. she will just have the personality it looks like Lotht?riel has.
AlienDo feel free. I'd be honoured to inspire.
MoiVery cool outfit, and great character design in general.


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