Building up tension
Chasing the Sunset
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Dark Flame says:

So the furis are looking for someone to balance the act of the evil rage. Good rage would balance, canceling out I guess.

ivellios says:

um i just noticed when re reading this that the furies are female because you can see the breast as lumps on their chests

Lee says:

Hell hath no Furies like a woman?

Sesshi says:

Am I missing something or are Leaf and Feiht REALLY unproportional in the first panel? She looks human size.

Alien says:

You missed something. When morphing into super-Feiht she added up herself and her copy, and thus grew.

Flaming Mono says:

I like the Furie's text bubbles, and the font.

Icy says:

Furies go glowy...

Shadow Phoenix says:

Scariness... I really like Panel 2. The Furies are magnificent.

Thekid-cat says:

Uh oh...

hailstorm says:

i hope this means something good and not that they wanna kill him

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