Pixie instincts
Chasing the Sunset
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Sesshi says:

Hehe, poor Feiht! Her greedy mind is torturing her!

Lady Sol says:

She is pulling on her poor ears!

Lee says:

Leaf has fallen! He's in danger of becoming mulch!
(Could you define that?)

Aerinelf says:

Feiht looks so pretty in the last panel...

Bubbles says:

i dont think those r ears, lady sol

CryptoGirl says:

yes, they are. and i think the wing looks cool.

Icy says:

Leaf looks weird in F3

the raven says:

That's because you dont see him lying down stupid!!

Bubbles says:

Noo, they're antennae

Shadow Phoenix says:

"He's not likely to be carrying anything worth stealing when he's not even wearing shoes"- Et tu, pragmatism?
A nice look inside the pixie mind.

hailstorm says:

double personality syndrome

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