Magic battle in the sky
Chasing the Sunset
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Alien says:

Good thing Ayne's catching that pack, or it'd land on a poor widdle mushroom.

Sesshi says:

Feiht's magic CAN come in handy sometiems! Don't let the widdle mushroom be smshed!

Icy says:

Whack an Arpix! *whack!* Arpix: FISHIEEEEES!

Bubbles says:

Speaking of "the widdle mushroom", where r the mushrooms in this forest?

Squirt says:

There's a mushroom right under the backpack.

hailstorm says:

alien didnt wanna draw a shadow so he replaced it with a poor widdle shoom

Lokitf says:

finally, feiht proves to have some function to the group

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