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Chasing the Sunset
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Nova says:

Guess who!

Lady Sol says:

Are those spiders on Leaf's blanket, ink bolts or what?

Alien says:

They\'re new pixies being generated.

Icy says:

Ayne should have said\"Tree Lady\". Wait...do pixies get reproduced.I can see it all now... Babys:Mommwy! Leaf: AAAAAAAH!

CryptoGirl says:

Ayne looks good in panel five. nice job.

Bastet says:

Those flowers on Leaf's stretcher kinda look like what people would do at some funeral or something, even though I haven't been to a funeral.

Soleil says:

oh, YOU'RE macabre!

the raven says:

its weird that bastet is macabre,since the Egyptian goddess Bastet is the goddess of joy (and cats!!;)

the raven says:

no wait, i meant Ubaste.

Bubbles says:

No, Ubaste is just a nother name for Bastet

Squirt says:

in panel 2, is Ayne speaking Spanish or saying an abb.of "hold on," ?

hailstorm says:

shes saing hi

hailstorm says:

im slightly disturbed that fieht gave birth ON leaf

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