bouncy spider
Chasing the Sunset
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Lee says:

Oops, typo. Should read "hypocrites".

Puddingpie says:

Didn't the witch just say in the last strip that the tree was now dead? So why does Ayne need to kill it?

Bubbles says:

And she also said that it wuz "now dead like me", so shouldnt shebe ded?

CryptoGirl says:

bubbles, do i know you? it's just that bubbles is the nickname of someone i know...

Bubbles says:

I don't think so, but ya never know.

Soleil says:

where's Feiht?

Soleil says:

by the way why's it called "Bouncy Spider"?

Flaming Mono says:

She said,"Though it's now dead, like me it was once strong and great." You didn't see the comma.

Bubbles says:


Shadow Phoenix says:

What's up with the comic name? And the mysterious pixie-eating bag?

hailstorm says:

maby he didnt wanna call it a life 4 a life or somthin sad like that so he thout of bouncy spider

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