The dryad
Chasing the Sunset
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LoneGamer says:

That's what the nymph picture is.

3.0 MM has Dryads as more real-looking, with red-brown, earth-tone-y hair.

Lae says:

i love the dryad

noir says:

great job on the dryad's facial expressions!

Icy says:

I like it when the dryad gets out of the tree.*tries to get in tree*OOOOOOOOOOOOW!

ivellios says:

most of the discriptions i have read on dryads say they have green hair though then again it could be that thier hair is like leaves and change colour in autumm and fall out in winter but if that happend how would they get the green hair long again so fast :)

Puddingpie says:

That is the tiniest tree-chopping axe I've ever seen.

hkmaly says:

ivellios: It is possible this dryad is bald because of state of her tree.

hailstorm says:

poor tree person thingumajig dryad same thing

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