Life and unity
Chasing the Sunset
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Icy says:

Poor Dryad...*hugs*

ivellios says:

tears are evil wich is why i think most artists either have people cover their eyes or just draw an outline when a charector cries because if you make them blue then they look odd

Puddingpie says:

Wow, Ayne looks really good in the last panel.

Aerinelf says:

*nods emphatically* Really good!

CryptoGirl says:

agree. i like the dryad, too. it's apperance really fits it's character. and the facial expressions are nice.

Shadow Phoenix says:

Nasty witch! Mean! Poor dryad... Just noticed she has leaves sprouting from her hair.

-Norbert- says:

I wonder if a Dryad of a healthy tree has lots of leafes on her/his/its head.

hailstorm says:

why dose she have branches coming out her back

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