Chasing the Sunset
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ivellios says:

why is it a baseball why not a more realistic ball when this is a fantasy comic you should have used a ball like um er....

Dark Flame says:

I don't think there really is a "fantasy" ball, and if you look closely, that isn't a baseball. It's stitchings aren't curved like a baseball's.

OneTimer says:

Even if its stitchings were similiar to a baseball, it can still be within the realms of fantasy. The stitching on a baseball is due to the shape of the cloth stitched together. A semisphere is very difficult to sew, if not impossible. so it would have to be a different shape. It has to be at least 2 pieces and for the sake of simplicity the pieces should be the same shape.

LiaFlame says:

poor, disillusioned myhrad. more like, why come down to the ground if you can help it? i couldn't stand staying on the ground for the rest of my life....

LiaFlame says:

Squirt says:

Has any one noticed that Myhrad only has 2 toes?

Shadow Phoenix says:

He looks so pathetic in panels 4 and 5...

wierdo says:

In frame three Myhrad has an extra pair of feet.

Mossstar says:


TheNextTaggerung says:

Yes. Baf.

Goldenear777 says:

At my house, quiet is an extremely relative concept.

????? says:

heheh. irony.

Phenoca says:

rofl. It's not a baseball it's an animal bladder that's stitched-up (I think). And that was funny :D
The first soccer balls were animal bladders.

Crestlinger says:

Myhrad be trippin balls!

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