Still good somewhere
Chasing the Sunset
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kokopelli says:

ohhhh, the forgotten comment!

VonTasha says:

YaY !! Furies inside !!

Puddingpie says:

Oh, Leaf is goin' all Luke on Darth Vader.

Aerinelf says:


Bubbles says:

no hes goin all anakin on obi-wan..he might become *hhhhhh-hhhhhhhh...hhhhhhhhh-hhhhhhhhh* DARTH LEAF! dum dum dum...

Icy says:


Ramani says:

Darth Leaf...*Starts doing the heavy/filtered breathing thing Darth Vader does, then passes out from lack of oxygen while doing that*

Lone Star says:

khaaaaa-huuuuuuhh, khaaaaaaa-huuuuuuhhhhh

hailstorm says:

darth vader:WHOS YO DADDY

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