Aunt Naiira returns
Chasing the Sunset
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Nova says:

Wait, didnt she give her permission for them to go?

Mithandir says:

No, only to Leaf. Ayne snuck off.

Queen Julietaini of Kiador says:

Nice net drawing. Pokey for them, though.

ivellios says:

she only gave permision to leaf and not ayne

Icy says:

Arpix should do that to catch fishies in water.

Bubbles says:

FIIIIIIIIIIIIINALLY, a comment frum Mith!

CryptoGirl says:

and no one is stupid to try to stop ayne when she decides to do something.....or maybe they did, but didn't live to tell the tale.......hehe...

*Skittles* says:

hi mith

Ramani says: relatives never have to resort to nets...maybe once...

the lone power says:

i am a time traveller from the future. on the 3rd day after comic 385 thier will be terrible news *shudder*. alien's pc will not work, and the world of cts will be plunged in darkness!!!!

TheNextTaggerung says:

*ghasp* CTS plunged into darkness? No! Say it isn't so!

hailstorm says:

whats the futer like

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