Treehouse, sweet treehouse
Chasing the Sunset
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kokopelli says:

yet another phantom comment.

Zyth says:

I think they ate Feiht...or she was in the soup...*pokes witches soup*

ArcticChicken says:

She's probably still loking for the gold underneath the trees

Aerinelf says:

I like all of the elves hanging from ropes in the background.

dancer says:

there's a leg sticking out of the tree in the last frame!

Jynx says:

Anyone remember the tree that tried to eat the hobbits in the Shire in LOTR?
Or that guy could just be behind the tree...

Lee says:

Jynx: That was in the Old Forest, not the Shire. In the Peter Jackson film it got moved to Fangorn Forest.

Brit Brat says:

i need help

Brit Brat says:

i don`t know what to do for my comic strip

Leinad says:

add elves, Brit.
Also, shouldn't the net have broken Ayne's bow?

hailstorm says:

no the tree is growing legs so it can walk away

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