Timelapse: Final Preparations
Chasing the Sunset
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ivellios says:

ayne remides me of my sister

Mr.L33T says:

I find the parents hiding hilarious!!
I mean it's like they can sense here seething wrath from a mile away, without even knowing that she has reason for anger against them.

Dark Flame says:

Her anger is so overwhelming, that you can even sense it in the air. By then though, she is to close and it is futile to run!

Waylander says:

LOL I love the way it says Ayne discusses plans and then shows them hiding. Brilliant

4WindsWanderer says:

Personally, I find Myhrad's method of preparing for journey's the most amusing panel.

Narissona says:

in panel 4, all ayne needs is a stick of some sort

CryptoGirl says:

oh, believe me. there's no need for a stick.

bookbook says:

how about... say... ayne's arm for a stick?
Ayne has really mellowed out during the last few years. I wish she hadn't, it destroys her character.

Curiosity says:

Ooh look! There's the squirrel again behind Leaf.

Goldenear777 says:

I personally like Ayne after she mellows out, I think it adds to her character.

I still like Ayne better when she's blue.

????? says:

ha! never noticed the parents before. priceless.

elvi says:

hahaha, the one and onlt darkelf xD

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