Of days and years
Chasing the Sunset
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the krud says:

wait...Leaf's older than Ayne?

ivellios says:

i thought ayne was older seeing as in the prologe it had leaf saying that ayne was to young to leave

Lady Sol says:

That doesn't make any sense. If Leaf wasn't older than why would he bring up age as something to keep Ayne from leaving. The comic makes sense, Leaf is just suffering from stunted growth

ArcticChicken says:

Boys mature much slower than girls.

CryptoGirl says:

yes, lady sol, it does make sense. becasue leaf would try to bring something like that up, not realizing that he is actually older. just trying to seem more mature.

Einar says:

I love pixies too =)

Bubbles says:

strange philosiphy, cryptogirl.

CryptoGirl says:

not really, it's just confusing until you think it through.

Shadow Phoenix says:

I'd guess that one "elf year" is about ten human years. I don't know about dragon years, though.

Lone Star says:

twenty years

Lone Star says:

in human years is one dragon year

Ivellios says:

Lady Sol I was out of coffee when I made that post okay

JuneBug says:

Ayne looks about 15 and Leaf looks kinda like he is 10... maybe 9.

hkmaly says:

JuneBug: You mean Ayne looks like 15 year human. Still, looking at newer comics, it seems like they aging faster when adventuring ... must be all that experience points ...

Rose says:

Maybe Elves just age weirdly? Like "In 257 cookies it's my birthday!" That'd be AWESOME ^^

Odwin says:

Remember when you were about 12 and all the boys looked like children and all the girls looked like teenagers? I'm betting that with elves that stage lasts a couple of decades.

hailstorm says:

Im at that stage take that boys

aj26 says:

i really think that Leaf is younger then Ayne.

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