Chasing the Sunset
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QJtFoK says:

Nice proportion.

Puddingpie says:

Yeah, you can tell the art is getting progressively better.

Bubbles says:

Myhrad pwns!

Midnightsky says:

Bubbles-you read muse, right?
What does 'pwns' stand for? pawns??
Myhrad looks ashamed in the last panel.

Soleil says:

AAA!!!! I used your name without relizing that you were using it already, sry. How can yo tell Bubbles reads Muse?

Bubbles says:

NO, "pwns" is like "owns", except it's pwns; henceforth meaning "superior" or just plain cool. Yeah, and he knows I read Muse because cos' of Elizabeth A.'s "Pwt Pwns!" comment. Phew!

Bubbles says:

Pwns (adj.,PONES):Slang; "Is Cool", or "Is superior", etc.

Flaming Mono says:

Pwn evolved when people online got too lazy to type right, and kept hitting the p key instead of the o key for owns. It became a word on principles of common usage.

Bubbles says:

Ooookey-dokey, Flaming mono!

Ebeth says:

Nothing like re-reading for sheer boredom. Besides, i found out i'm famous! Go me! XD

*feels vewwy special*

Bubbles says:

Wait...YOU'RE the one that did the pwt pwns thing? That's so cool! I wish I could get a letter printed in Muuuuuse!

*Skittles* says:

pwt pwns!

Squirt says:

THATS why I was so lost! thanks for the explenation!

Lone Star says:

kokopelli pwns!

Piggy says:

Woah, there are a lot of Musers/MBers here!

Vendaval says:

Is that a heart in the wall? above myhrad's head?

Thekid-cat says:

I think that thing is feiht!

JuneBug says:

Why can't Myhrad fly? Isn't he, like, 151 years old? That seems like enough time to me. I mean, I could fly by the age of 10.

TheNextTaggerung says:

Muse-people unite!

TheNextTaggerung says:

Sounde the trumppe!

Absconder says:

Also, on the subject of pwning, some groups have gamers (such as mine and a few I know of) have progressed to qwn, higher than the highest level of pwnage. :)

Absconder says:

OF gamers, not HAVE

hailstorm says:

Im lost

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