Chapter 4 - No man's land
Chasing the Sunset
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Kaori says:

Ooh, that is really lovely. I love the night and twilight look. Beautiful! You should do more like this! hehe

Nova says:

Gorgeous, love the fireflies. What kind of eggs are they?

Queen Julietaini of Kiador says:

Splendid. I love the light and the fireflies, the tranquility. Ahhhhhhh...

Feldar says:

You'll find out...

the krud says:

THE SQUIRREL!!!! It's eviL I tells ya, EVIL

Ayrin says:

Yes! Someone has finally realized the evil plans of the mighty SQUIRREL EMPIRE!!! We must stop the beasts!

VonTasha says:

Nice work !
Squirrel rules !!

Lady Sol says:

Wow! Breathtaking, your covers get emensely better everytime, before long will me browsing through masterpieces

Icy says:

ATTACK THY TRAITOR!*tackles VonTasha*

Zyth says:

FINALLY!! The squirrel-ie returns!! I have missed him!! *huggles squirrel-ie*

ArcticChicken says:


AnyaStyrzod says:

Lovely! The squirrel is back again...YAY SQUIRREL!!

Bubbles says:

New chapter already? Nice firefly eggs

*Skittles* says:

That is a great drawing. You SHOULD do more of those.

Shadow Phoenix says:

The squirrel rules! *Extends claws* Now Icy can't tackle me without getting shredded. I also like the mushroom. Prettiness!

fluffy says:

no mans land, hmmm may only women live in there or no human kind, hmmm


The squirrel's name is scamper remember? Babycakes named him. Oh yeah, Mith/Alien do you just add a squirle in almost every comic to get more coments?

Ramani says:

I LOVE IT!!! The picture is sooooo cool! :-)

Black*magic*girl says:

It looks so magical and echanted! I think it should be more moon light, though.

JuneBug says:

It doesn't look like the squirrel is actually touching the tree. OoO Is it magical?

Midori says:

I find this drawing really beautifull

hailstorm says:


Empress of Last says:

I am The Empress of last.BOW TO ME,FOR YOU ARE NEAR MY REALM!

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