Chasing the Sunset
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Nova says:

Leaf is wearing the flower chain that Ayne made.

VonTasha says:

I like the way the pixie help to haul the dragon...

Lee says:

I like how the ropes in panels 2 and 5 join up

Onambarwne says:

I like how Feiht is about to untie the ropes. ^__^

Bubbles says:

MYHRAD D: Feiht, uh, what're you doing? Feiht? Fe-AAAAAAAAH!
LEAF Q:Nooo!

Icy says:

They trusted Feiht withh the ropes...

fluffy says:

poor myrahad being held by a pixie poor poor myrahad

Ramani says:

You think they'd have learned to tie Feiht up after the river incident.

Lone Star says:

I agree

-Norbert- says:

You forget something.
Letting them fall in the water is fun, and doesn't hurt them.
Letting Myhrad fall onto the ground would hurt him and it wouldn't be funny anyway.

Goldenear777 says:

Maybe if Feiht untied the rope Myhrad would have to learn how to fly out of nessecity

TheNextTaggerung says:

gravity be a persuasive teacher...
see comics w/ griffins.

hailstorm says:

Very perswaysive

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