Culture shock
Chasing the Sunset
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Nova says:

Didn't I tell you he looks like a girl?
What they need is a huge kite to fly from one wall to the other.

Intruder says:

Well, confused by the elve's gender seems not an exclusive problem of readers

Lee says:

"Hey, I'm gonna live for 1000 years! I can't be bothered to get my hair cut every 6 weeks!"

Yeah, that makes a lot of sense....

webster says:

nice job alien

Bubbles says:

Nice jodb Mith

Icy says:

Leaf looks like a doctors patient in that tunic

Veralidaine says:

Lee, I think it makes perfect sense.

Shadow Phoenix says:

I find it interesting that Myhrad doesn't know whether or not he's male.

fluffy says:

i wonder what Leaf would look like if hes hair was cut

swiftwing says:

Obviously, his hair would be shorter

Lone Star says:

he would look less like a girl and honestly, that would be good.

bookbook says:

the huge kite comes up in a recent storyline from where i am: (comic 391)

hailstorm says:

I bet that alien comes back and reads our ideas for futer comics

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