(Over)loaded with Good Intentions and Best Wishes
Chasing the Sunset
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Pav Lucistnik says:

Overwhelming detail! Well done... reminds me Bosch paintings - total chaos.

Feldar says:

lol, I had never noticed the little girl offering the cat before.

Intruder says:

wtheck that little girl thinks he would do with a cat?

Babycakes says:

that kid is strangling that poor cat! Animal Abuse! Hehehe frame 4 is funny

Lee says:

This reminds me of a scene from one of Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels, where an assassin painstakingly prepares his weaponry and ammo, but then falls over because he's carrying too much of it.

Bubbles says:

Ahahaha..just looking back at all the comics that i didn't comment on.

Kit cat says:

lol Aaagh! too heavy!

KidCat says:

that's got to be mine... it's been a LONG time.

Goldenear777 says:

Leaf probably would never need any of that stuff

hkmaly says:

Goldenear777: Actually, Leaf could probably use everything when it's time to macgyver something else :-)

TheNextTaggerung says:

@Lee: heehee, discworld. 'Tis funny.

Phenoca says:

You never know when you'll find a boat. They are so nice - but that guy with the paddle is hilarious!

Lex-Kat says:

I like the little one in from 1 offering Leaf a stick.

Lex-Kat says:

Oops! I meant "Frame 1". :|

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