Not in the history books
Chasing the Sunset
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shinee who must be obeyed! says:

is feiht bungee jumping off the spear?

the krud says:

yes,yes she is

Nebra Reppalk says:

Wait! Myhrad's blue and orange again!

Snowfire says:

WOW!!! I didn't know that Myhrad was THAT big!!!

Bubbles says:

He had a growth spurt AND changed his color back! He should have his own theme song!

Shadow Phoenix says:

"The winners write the history books." I like their way of "dealing" with rumors. If you ignore them, you'll be fine.

Black*magic*girl says:

feiht looks so cute on the spear.

Lone Star says:

Feiht learns to bungee jump. Uh oh...."Oooh! a shiney on that ship far below!" *jumps off bridge*

hailstorm says:

why dose she need to bungee jump shes got wings

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