cats are cute
Chasing the Sunset
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the krud says:

very random title!

VonTasha says:

The dragon curled up like a cat...

Aerinelf says:

Ohhh... Squished strawberry, by the way.

Windsong says:

It looks a bit like blood...

Flaming Mono says:

I think she means if Ayne wants a bow she'll have to become an amazon...
Do they really think she will turn herself blue for a bow?

Bubbles says:

Who's "Trak?" I mean, maybe I missed something, but..

*Skittles* says:

I like the "yeah. us." in panel 2

Shadow Phoenix says:

Myhrad's motto: When in doubt, nap. When not in doubt, nap.

thewatermelon says:

varga is my music teachers name

Lone Star says:

it is?!

Lone Star says:

Trak is an Amazon, obviously.

JuneBug says:

Awwww! Myhrad looks sooooo cute in that last panel!

d says:

i now

hailstorm says:

if u think about it myrad is very simalar to a cat, he likes to nap, he is scared of things that he shouldnt be and he has stripes

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