Tracking Amazons
Chasing the Sunset
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kokopelli says:

in the fifth strip, there is a weird anamal in it.

VonTasha says:

It looks like a little badger

Lee says:

Grammar Nazi says "us four" should be "we four".

Aerinelf says:

It looks like a wolverine to me.

Narissona says:

Whatever the heck it is, It is sooooooooooooooooo CUTE! Then again, I think most critters that are fuzzy are cute.....

Starsky says:

Peoples are attracted to furry animals with big round eyes.

Bubbles says:


Bubbles says:

sry bout that

Shadow Phoenix says:

Nice wolverine. I guess Mith decided to forego the squirrel because there are so many mushrooms in this strip.

Lone Star says:

*cuddles badger* *gets bitten* *gets a titanus shot*

Bubbles says:

badgers,badgers,badgers,badgers,badgers,badgers,badgers,badgers,badgers,badgers,badgers,badgers, MUSHROOM, MUSHROOM! badgers,badgers,badgers,badgers,badgers,badgers,badgers,badgers,badgers,badgers,badgers,badgers,MUSHROOM, MUSHROOM! snaaake, a snaaaaake oh nooooo its a snaaaaaake a snaaaaaaake a snaaaake it's badgers, badgers badgers, badgers...

Lone Star says:


Tournesol says:

go to

JuneBug says:

That is not a badger!

hailstorm says:

or look up the badger song on youtube

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