Into the cave
Chasing the Sunset
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Skarlog says:

*writes on wall*06/15/2005: Skarlog was here! Sorry T_T but very nice cave.

fuzzly cat says:

i am human but I don't understand what they are saying. nice cave

Narissona says:

why isn't the aamazon blueish looking?

Flaming Mono says:

It's the lighting.

Bubbles says:

Yes, but amazons dont have blonde hair. I mean, imagine smn with blue skin and dlonde hair: *shudders*

Bubbles says:

sry, "dlonde" was spsd 2 b "blonde".

Shadow Phoenix says:

Bubbles: WVU colors!
I have to agree that it's a nice cave. None of those 1/4 mile crawls through mud you get in some caves (yes, I've seen one).

Bubbles says:

um...WVU....donno wuzzat means... but anywho, i would like to apologize to any blonde haired, blue skinned people I may have insulted! We all deserve respect, regardless of appearance.

Lone Star says:

*copies Skarlog*3/18/07 : Lone Star wuz here!

JuneBug says:

Maybe she has white hair. That would make sense. She kinda looks like that one Amazon girl in the background a little while ago. You know, the one that was a version of a real person.

hailstorm says:

Her hair looks tuquoise to me

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