Chasing the Sunset
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the krud says:

what, no comments? it's a good comic!

Intruder says:

Actually, my came a little late, but anyway i found it too, so im reading since the first one

noir says:

neat view in the last frame!

Shadow Phoenix says:

"Follow the stars?" Very elvish.

*Skittles* says:

What's with panel 3? Is it raining or something?

Lee says:

*Skittles*: I think that's meant to be trees.

Draiconian says:

Good comic keep it up :P

Kit cat says:

Off and away! this might be fun hope Leaf has fun on his journey.

KidCat says:

Is that really me? Because I called myself something like that and I'm not sure what it was...

Goldenear777 says:

What about Ayne?

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