Ayne is never angry, is she?
Chasing the Sunset
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Lady Sol says:

That is so bad it is hilarius

Aerinelf says:


Flaming Mono says:

Ah, the fun of conspiracy.

Bubbles says:


Bubbles says:

Sry, I meant ROFLSLINEF.

Shadow Phoenix says:

Bubbles: What th'...?
Anyway, interesting way to deflect an angry Ayne.

Bubbles says:

see Comic #195

booben says:

ayne:tell me truth or i cut you

elvenfairy says:

you were hit by a metior. lol, love that line

Lone Star says:

Bubbles means Roll On Floor Laughing So Loud It's Not Even Funny, Flaming Mono

JuneBug says:

"Hit by a meteor"
I love it!

hailstorm says:

Tell me the truth or i'll slit ur face

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