Of amazons and pixies
Chasing the Sunset
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garnetdragon2003 says:

What does feihg DO with all the stuff she 'collects'? It's not like she is large enough to carry it all at once.

Nova says:

I think she hoards it all in a sub-space pocket. Thats how the pixies can steal from each other.

Queen Julietaini of Kiador says:

Good Q, garnetdragon2003. Nice.

Feldar says:

Particularly since most of the items they steal are bigger than themselves.

kokopelli says:

poor horse, it's a freak

Liselle says:

Well, we did learn earlier that Feiht is Fey, so maybe she hides the things in the Void, or the Fey realm?

VonTasha says:

The sunset is oddly orange

fuzzly cat says:

it is oddly. feight made a horse a geek that's a freak.

Nebra Reppalk says:

She's like Link, very very deep pockets.

Aerinelf says:

Did she take Leaf's necklace? Wait... he does have a necklace... doesn't he? His mother's necklace?

Narissona says:

Nice horse.

Bubbles says:


Shadow Phoenix says:

I thought horses were supposed to be sensible? I think she makes a space-time loop to hide her shinies in.

Nera says:

Link does have deep pockets... He's quick considoring all of the stuff he carries. Very,very deep pockets...

Ramani says:

No, Feiht didn't take Leaf's necklace. That's the gem she took from the Amazon Queen.

booben says:

feiht is so cute.....in a way that is not cute at all

Lone Star says:


Bubbles says:

Looking back on this comic, I would also like to apologize to any colorful horse I may have insulted, we all deserve respect

JuneBug says:

I personally like the horse!

Matt says:

Anyone read Dragonlance? In personality, Feiht reminds me of a Kender (like midgit elves with no fear, magic or respect for social boundaries or personal property).

hailstorm says:

thats a horse i thout it was a magic goat

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