Just a feeling
Chasing the Sunset
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OneTimer says:

Hmmm Nostradamus. Thats definetly breaking fourth wall. Five minutes in the penalty box!

fuzzly cat says:

hhhmmm. no comment

webster says:

always trust the feeling

Bubbles says:

sry, it's a serious comic today, i cant say roflslinef.

Shadow Phoenix says:

I can smell the foreboding from here...

Ramani says:

You could smell it from China.

booben says:

apple cake!!!!!!!!!(imsorandom

Mogget's Little Sister says:

Ha! though's spelled wrong!

hailstorm says:

leafs eyes look evil in the last panle

Lokitf says:

tho is actually considered acceptable in many situations. Al on the other hand (assuming author meant All) is not

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