Intermezzo: Magic
Chasing the Sunset
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Adae says:

Nice wheel! *first comment dance*

the krud says:

ooooooooooooooooh. Pretty!

what is it again?

Phoebe says:

Crazy cool, yo!

Now what it it supposed to do?

fuzzly cat says:


P.S. what is it?

The Brain says:

That is awesome! It looks like the Chinese kodiac! Unless.......wait, someone remind me what it is again?

Onambarwne says:

Kodiac = really big bear.
Zodiac (what you probably meant) = astromical and/or astrological chart

It reminds me of a protective circle or elemental chart.

Ryujin says:

i think the wheel is more a magic type since each symbol around the dragons head could be a differnt spell or type of spell ^^

bookbook says:

The symbols are of work, home, fire, water, brain-work, animals, sadness, clothes, and writing. Together they make magic.

Bubbles says:

ahh its the chinese kodiak! *growls* aggh!
Ryujin, are u like from or something?

Bubbles says:

wow i didn't know u could make a link 2 another website just by typing in it's name...

Shadow Phoenix says:

Magifistic dragon wheel! Now what's its significance?

Mossstar says:

Wait a second.... this is a prediction of things to come! I have traveled back from the future after more comics were printed and... and... This looks like the red dragon who freezes... oh whats-her-name.... the amazon elf! (Sorry, brain freeze, I keep thinking of Arya from Eragon)

Mossstar says:

Oh, it's not the red dragon....... drumroll please.... it's Myrhad's mom! It really looks like her! now, what's it's signifigance?

Lone Star says:

Ooooh..magic *drools all over computer*

Goldenear777 says:

What elements do each symbol represent. (e.g. Fire, Ice, Wind, Earth, Water, Energy, Light, or Dark?

ultrainventor says:

reminds me of the wheel used to tell what amino acids are in a piece of DNA.

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