Pixie trauma
Chasing the Sunset
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DIDGIN says:

A good chapter indeed. I can imgine how the poor pixie must feel, all those thing in the helpless victim pockets, and no way to get them. Makes you wanna cry, or LOL, I'm not sure which...

Midget says:

must agree with DIDGIN.....poor Feiht!!! I know a lot of people who can't stop pick pocketing....me...eikan....eris....it's hard!

Midget says:

In reference to Eraikei W.O....u not talentless....

loving the story line Mithrandir..and Alien...GREAT drawings!

Powers That Aren\'t says:

Arrgh! Poor, poor Feight! No blue with red polka-dots!? No black with racing strips?! What about a nice taupe with ichor green splotches? Camouflage? No? @#$%*&;!

Powers That Aren\'t says:

HHmn... Oh, look! It is the "magical" disappearing-appearing 'bleeding wound' on Ayne's arm!

Kinda like Captain Kirk in a spacesuit phasing in and out of existence... >:P
Can we expect the 'wound' to 'stick around' this time, or show up in every other CTS comic in the future? >|D

Lae says:

Yay! New comic!
I feel sorry for Myrhad... All he wants to do is sleep... like all of us. Oh the life of a student...

Eikan says:

i know how feight feels...
must.....not....steal....shinees...^___^ eikan luffs the story!!!!

Feldar says:

That's kind of harsh Powers. Alien already appologized for that, and its not that big of a deal anyway. I probably would have forgotten about it in his place too.

Powers That Aren\'t says:

Sorry, Feldar... I am just one of those sad SOBs that like to 'push' things past the point of being funny, before realizing it...

I meant the 'salt and white wine vinegar' rubbing of Alien's 'mild embarrassment' to just be in facetious fun... Sorry, if I crossed the line...

Mithandir says:

That's okay, I'm sure alien doesn't mind, so don't feel bad? You a lot of smilies in that post after all :)
Thanks for standing up for alien tho Feldar, much apreciated :)

Tealya says:

It's okay. I forget things sometimes too. Stupid little details. I didn't even realize she was injured. Of course I tend to get distracted b... oh, shiney! ... Huh? What was I saying? Oh, yeah, I think it looks really good. I want to know more about the furries! They're neat.

Ivellios says:

for those of you angry about the comic delay i sugest that you go to Oslo take a bow and turn something there into a pincusion

Coyo says:

I think you mean the "furies" - furries are something else entirely.

Beacon says:

Hey, we don't know what the Furies do on their off time. If they like to dress up as cat-girls and such, that's their business and not ours.

LadyPhoenix says:

After all, there's nothing wrong with winged creatures dressing up like cats... *looks around uncertainly*

Nova says:

Surely Leaf wouldn't have any 'shinies' left after so long with Feiht.

Winter_Raven says:

Oslo? As in Norway? I suddenly feel incredibly homesick. New Zealand is so far away from Norway....*sniffle*

kokopelli says:


Lee says:

"I suddenly feel incredibly homesick. New Zealand is so far away from Norway....*sniffle*"
Yes, but at least they both have fjords!

fuzzly cat says:

mmm...... great. i still have no comment

Narissona says:

that's okay, fuzzly cat. I really don't know what to say either. Sometimes you just have to be completely random.

Alunalai says:

Sure, it's easy to pity Leaf when he's in a coma, but does anyone consider that he gets stuck in a teeny tunic that laces practically to his waist while Ayne gets trousers?

I mean, honestly.

(I'm being facetious, not serious =P )

Great comic, btw.

CryptoGirl says:

so i was right in assuming that ivellios knew more about archery than they should.....(why can't english have a gender-neutral article for people?)

DragonRyder says:

Leaf needs a new tunic. his butt is showing.

Bubbles says:

i heard he gets better clothes later on in the strip

CryptoGirl says:

he does. dont worry

Bubbles says:

yay! I can stop worrying! thanks cryptogirl

Shadow Phoenix says:

She could try stealing the shiny fireflies instead.

leaf+ayne =love4ever...not says:

JuneBug says:

What pockets?

Leinad says:

Does Leaf have pockets? I haven't seen any.

hailstorm says:


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