of boys and men
Chasing the Sunset
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Phydeaux says:

hmmm... interesting little exploration of opinion, eh?

Prestedigitonium says:

It is very interesting to see Ayne being something other than angry. She looks very concerned, worried, or just plain protective of Leaf. Nicely done.

Lae says:

Wow! This is really good! I agree, Ayne is good at being protective!
And it's true that in a way all men are the same...

EdorFaus says:

... while in other ways they're all different.
For instance the other of the two guys going to smash eggs, the one that carried the hammer at first... He didn't want to do it - unlike some, he seemed to actually think about stuff. :P

Mimir says:

Bah! It's like saying all women are the same... by extension, that all humans are the same. Simply preposterous.

Of course, I am a strong beleiver in chaos, so, I may be biased about this.

Powers That Aren\'t says:

So, you take it on a 'Case-by-Case' basis, and accept that there is a 'mean range', where most men fall in the middle, but there are significant number that fall outside the median and wind up in either of the 'fringe' ends. However, the only way to tell if a particular individual is 'in the middle' or 'on a fringe' is to ask. (Unfortunately, most people, median >:D, don't even ask, and just assume...)

The Amazons appear to use this methodology in Leaf's case, but Ayne doesn't apply the same to the Amazons; At least, not without more evidence to the contrary.

So, on another note, think Ayne has proven herself enough to warrant a real Amazon bow, and not the "child's toy" she is currently using?

Mimir says:

Yes. That's how I do it. The human race has a wide standard deviation, many times wider than the difference in mean between any two groups.

Lae says:

In a way you could, in fact, say that all humans were equal. It all depends on perspective really!!!

Mithandir says:

I always used to get flak for saying I understood women - it's not something a man is supposed to do (or say).

But in many ways I do. The trick is that every man or woman is an individual and should be approached as such. By not applying stereotypes or expectations you can really understand ... in time.
Just my opinion of course =)

Midget says:

Good opinion Mithandir...yet you will never understand us!!!!!!!
*evil grin*
just as we shall never understand you guys.

Eraikei W. O. says:

That's right Midget. They'll never understand us. Even if a guy somehow figures out a woman's mind. I doubt it will happen though.
Mithandir, that is defenitely true. People are unique in their own way. Some people are more 'unique' than others, but we'll just stay away from that topic.
Alien, once again, great drawings! *_*

Mimir says:

And yet, does not one wish to be understood? A bow to Mithradir, who hits it right nonetheless.

True-Chaos says:

Mimir: Not everyone wishs to be understood. People keep secrets for that very reason.

Mimir says:

Aye, I know I do. (keep secrets that is)

pixiejessica says:

i keep secrets myself.i also keep stuffed animals!!:)

Ivellios says:

mith to understand women from what i know of them its like trying to think of order when your surronded by pure chaos or vise versa depending who the lady is and your state of mind

Nova says:

WOW! This turned into quite a debate didnt it!
I say have expectations if you must but don't box people up before you know them.

Queen Julietaini of Kiador says:

Quite a debate. I didn't know Ayne was that strong. But her hairdo looks great up close.

kokopelli says:

they'll never understand....

Lee says:

If women really understood men they'd all want to become Amazons!

Tallguy says:

100 cookies and some shines or the stuff animals gets it!!

AnyaStyrzod says:

And even if you think you understand the opposite sex there are always MISunderstandings...and those can get really icky...

CryptoGirl says:

ivellios, could you understand women better if you had a bow with you, so you could turn things into a pincushion? *innocent face*

Bubbles says:

I want myself 2 b understood generally, but alot of things about myself I would not want 2 b understood (like my real name)

Ramani says:

Amen to that Bubbles

leaf+ayne =love4ever...not says:

i.. want my babyback riiiiiiibs (austan powers)By fat bastard

JuneBug says:

I love the first two panels of the strip! Leafs ears look kinda weird though...

hailstorm says:

i dont think i'll ever be really understood or find a boyfriend that actuly cares bout me *sigh*

Lokitf says:

shouldn't it be a "herstory" considering how much the amazons argue about naming their history

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