Lazy-Mith intermission: caption contest
Chasing the Sunset
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Mithandir says:

Leaf: Did you steal the nails from that cabinet?
Feiht: But they're SHINY!

Prestedigitonium says:

Leaf: You knew that Ayne happened to like that case, didn't you?

Feiht: It was like that when I got here. Honest!

Mimir says:

Leaf: No Feiht, I'm not going to set the cabinet on fire.

Feiht: Please? Please! I've got to know how you do that trick.

Ty says:

Leaf-Let me guess. This isn't your fault right?
Feiht- YEAH!!!...How'd you know?

Wolf Dreamer says:

"I noticed we have a hole in the ceiling now."
"Its lets it more sunlight."

"Why is there a pile of debris here?"
"I added a sunroof."

I was thinking that it looks like a pile of stuff that just fell from above, thus the reason for the dust smoke.

"I see you have been doing more 'helpful' renovations around the house."
"I added a sunroof. You elves should be greatful, since you are now you have more light to appreciate your surroundings."
"We can appreciate them even more with the holes you've placed in the walls earlier."
"Yep. Closer to nature. I'm very helpful."

---or if they were in a human's home--
"Why is there a hole in the ceiling and the amazon chanderlier now in ruin below?"
"Those lights were really shinny. I thought we were under attack! Really!"

Kelly says:

Leaf: "...oh."
Feiht: " USED to be shiney!!"

sjon says:

Leaf: No. I am not letting you rebuild that. Not inside the house.
Feiht: But it will be bigger and shiney-er than before!

Probably not Trogdor The Burninator says:

Leaf: Feiht, have you seen Myhrad?Feiht: Nope. He's certainly not under this pile of rubble or anything, no siree.
Myhrad: ...ow.

Ginny Lyn says:

Leaf: What was that?
Feiht: I dunno, but if we hide it, maybe this "Pandora" person will never know.

Beacon says:

Just to be different:

Leaf: I think I'll just tell Ayne that YOU did it.
Feiht: No fair! I'm innocent... this time.

Cricket666 says:

Leaf: Is anything in that pile going to explode?
Feiht: Not this time...
Leaf(Thinking): Finally, showing some constraint...

Eraikei W.O. says:

Leaf: I'm supposing you didn't do it this time?
Feiht: No! This is what... Wait.. No! I didn't do it! The shinees made me do it, I swear!

Reinder says:

Leaf: Let me get this straight. You say this is the result of you trying to knit me...
Feiht: .... a pair of pants. Things got out of hand a bit, sorry.

Kaelic says:

Leaf: Care to explain what this is?
Feiht: Modern art! Like it?

NekoHitori says:

Leaf: ...And the ceiling just happened to collapse on top of Myhrad right when he was about to "attack" you.

Feiht: What can I say? These human buildings are structurally unsound.

GoddessOfEmus says:

leaf: feiht...what are you....doing?

Feiht: "what? oh this? i just thought you might like to get rid of a few things...yanno, travel lightly?

Leaf: you mean you thought you would burn all my worldly possessions for your own amusement?

Feiht: yeah, purdy much

Spleen says:

Why would you carry all that junk around, let along fit it all in your dress.
I'd forgot I even had all this 'till I sneezed.

Dragonmaster says:

Leaf: You were looking for treasure... in the ceiling?

Feight: Why not? It's a perfect place!

(Plus you get shinies.)

Eikan says:

Leaf: You broke it! What was it?
Feiht: Yeah...But it's shinee now! I like shinees! Shinee! Shinee! Shinee! *_* ooh...shinee....I think it was all of the Amazons' shinees.
Leaf: I think we'll be needing a "shinee" teleport spell if we want to keep our "shinee" lives.

Adae says:

Leaf: What's this?
Feiht: It just appeared! I swear!

Ivellios says:

leaf: what did you destroy this time
feiht: nothing it was myhrad
leaf: why do i doubt that
myhrad(from in the rubble?): *whimper* the pain

Eolill says:

Leaf: Feiht... I can see that this is a pile of something you destroyed, but where does the SMOKE come from?
Feiht: Myhrad! I think he's finally getting the hang of it... this is the rapid-fire-breathing-learning course! Either you burn yourself out or you starve.

Dorian says:

Leaf: "You mean to tell me there's a human being in that mess?"

Feiht: "Well, it was a human being at least. . .do they break easy?"

Magickitsune says:

Leaf: Erm...was the gift we were making for Ayne SUPPOSED to just collapse like that?
Feiht: No, but isn't it WAY more interesting this way???

Riverting says:

Leaf: You do realize I was suppose to sleep on that?

Feiht: It was Myhrad, I swear!

Black Mantha says:

Leaf: Feiht, why did you trash the next strip?
Feigt: Have you seen what Ayne does to me in it?

Kitten says:

Leaf: Don't you ALWAYS say it's for a good reason? What makes this time so much different?!

Feith: This time I destroyed it for Ayne!!! She would never manage this trial. You should have seen how difficult it looked, like a labyrinth with a lot of difficult tasks! ...before I put it to sleep, I mean. I gave her a favour, believe me!!!

*Leaf don't seem to happy about her behaviour* Suprisingly? Feith always have flimsy excuses for her mischief ;)

Lae says:

My fav is Mimir's
Can't think of anything clever yet, just wanted to say that everyone's dialogues are great!!!

Powers That Aren\'t says:

Leaf: Feiht... Was that absolutely necessary... One usually gets inside cabinets by opening a drawer or a door...

Feiht: Was what 'absolutely necessary'? I have no idea what you are talking about!?

Bilbo says:

Leaf: So, how are we going to get to town, now that you've "fixed" the cart?

Feiht: We'll Fly.... oh, I forgot you left your wings at home.

Bob The wonder cow says:

Leaf: Can't I leave you alone for Just ONE MINUTE!

Feih: Myhrad did it, I just got here seconds before you.

LoneGamer says:

Leaf: What did you do to my spice rack?!

Feiht: I was looking for shinies and stuff broke! Erm... I mean... it was the evil, nasty, One Spice Rack... TO RULE THEM ALL!

Silverwolf says:

Leaf: Before we die, I just want to know how you managed to get the entire amazon village...including the FOREST...into that little pile.

Feiht: Um...I pilfered it when noone was looking?

Moonclaw says:

Leaf: When you said that you where going to have fun at school, I didn't know it would be THIS kind of fun.

Feiht: But I was bored! Their were shiny bars on the desks to.

Fanae Grenphish says:

Leaf: Feiht, what are you doing?

Feiht: Oopie

Sesshi says:

Leaf: ...Wait, and you KNEW he was afraid of heights?
Feiht: But he's a dragon! I really wanted to see him fly!
Myhrad: *muffled yells*

Lyrra says:

Leaf: No, for the last time, we are NOT making a bonfire.
Feiht: Awww... Er... Is it too late to buy Ayne a new dresser?

Krazy says:

Leaf: Fixing the roof, eh?
Feiht: Er...

Angel-A says:

> ...So no dinner again tonight?
> It's not my fault the chicken was hiding in the cabinet!

pixiejessica says:

who is sesshi!?!?!?!

pixiejessica says:

tell me this is my e-mail E-mail address removed

Mithandir says:

I removed pixiejessica's address to protect her from spambots and the bad people who roam the internet. Sesshi if you want to contact her, please contact me for her address (mine is on the front page) or just use these comments.

pixiejessica says:

thank you mith for fixing my stupidity.:) i am only 12 so i can be very forgetful at times.

pixiejessica says:

wait a second...kitsune means fox demon....:D HEY! Do you watch inuyasha and therefore know that kitsune means fox demon??

pixiejessica says:

:) because shippo is a fox demon.... and i think my suspitions are true sesshi thanks to a friend of mine named breanna.

Sesshi says:

If you were thinking of Inuyasha terms, you were right ^^;; Sesshi is from Sesshoumaru. I only watch the subbed version of Inu, tho, but recently Ive stopped. Yes I do know that Kitsune means fox demon, and I acctually Sesshi became my internet nick even after i stopped watching Inu. ^^;; I hope that clears some stuff up.

pixiejessica says:


Vampire says:

I love InuYasha:}

Queen Julietaini of Kiador says:

Leaf: FEIHT? How many times do I have to tell you? All that is gold does not glitter!
Feiht: It was shiny...I'm a pixie! Come on, Leaf, it's only a priceless bureau dresser.

MemyselfandI says:

You don't need to watch/read InuYasha to know that one... Foxes are also denoted by "Yoko" as in Yoko Kurama (Yu Yu Hakusho). Of course, if you're in certain places, he's "Dennis the Fox"... But I won't go there...

hidden by a veil says:

leaf: feiht-
leaf:wheres my bag?- what?!,cabinet? collapse?.
feiht: i was just saying how it was a lovely day out and maybe you could go play for a few hours.

CCB says:

Leaf: Well, rule out locking you in the cabinet overnight.
Feiht: Darn right you androgenous Pixie opressor!

Science_Vixen says:

Leaf: What did you do now?

Feith: I'm just emptying my pockets!

MangaMan says:

actually, kitsune just means fox

Lynz says:

Leaf: How, praytell, did you manage to not only STEAL the cathedral's stained glass window, but BREAK it too?

Feiht: I didn't break it! I swear!

sk8tr_chick says:

Leaf: "What happend?"
Feight: "um... i don't know..."
Leaf: "where are the nails?"
Feight: *quickly puts hands behind back* "I don't know..." *smiles devishly*
Leaf: "FEIGHT!"

Violet says:

LEAF: "Great! Now look what you've done to Mithandir's desk,while pilfering his ring and his shiney pens!"
FEIHT: "Welllll..........." He had writers block anyway!" "He wasn't using it!"

kokopelli says:

Leaf: *snif* that was my toybox!!!
Feight: it was like this before i got the dinami, when i got here.

Skarlog says:

Leaf: Hey Feig-
Feight: I didn't do it!!!
Leaf: Do what?

ebbster says:

actually, Kitsune can mean both fox and fox spirit, like a kitsune changey fox thing.

nen\'yor says:

Leaf: hmm after shineys agin Feiht?

Feiht: no i was only looking!!!!

Greywolf says:

Feight: I don't know any unmangling spells--

Leaf: It used to be a chocolate something, if that helps any.

Becci says:

Feith: \"It was myhrad... I mean Ayne got angry... I mean...\" Leaf: \"One more try.\" Feith: \"It was a couple of aliens! I didn\'t do anything!\"

Desi_S says:

Leaf: Alright. Whats the excuse for destroying the desk that might have held a letter from my father, destroying all papers. Feight: It was polished and SHINY!

Icy says:

Leaf: Feiht,why did you do this? Feiht: I didnt! Arpix: Bent nail make good hook for catching FISHIES!

Chariset says:

Leaf: You do realize that none of that will actually BURN, right?

Feiht: Heh...well, can't blame me for trying, right?

Silverwolf says:

You broke the fourth did you get a pile of rubble out of the FOURTH WALL?!

Let's say that Ayne is hunting me with more fervor lately.

*sarcastically* Gee, I wonder why.

4WindsWanderer says:

Leaf: ummm ... nice campfire.

Feiht: I think the blue streaks and cardboard looking shape are especially inovative, don't you?

Narissona says:

Leaf: what now
Feiht: well, there was this one shinie and I grabbed it and, well, It was really shinie and-
Leaf: you should be really happy ayne isn't here

bookbook says:

Feiht: Well there was one shiny nail and there were shiny handles too so I could of only- OOOH! More shinies!
Leaf: Ayne sounds like she's coming back, Feiht. I suggest you flee for your life.
Fieht: OK. Lemme just get one more shiny... and one more... and one more... and one more...

jose says:

Leaf:how did you do this fieht

Fieht:easy i just hit it and it fell over

Draginladee says:

Leaf: Dare I ask what...?
Feiht: Sohac and I were playing Hide and Seek, and... I saw some shinies in my hiding place, and... Where's Sohac?

bovinesshaltgomoo says:

Leaf:soooooo, you didn't do it eh?
Feiht:I did it.wait,no,I didn't.
Leaf:nice try feiht. no cakes for a week!

Bubbles says:

LEAF: So Feiht, I see that you have brought us home a nice pile of rubble.
FEIHT: Er...yes, bought it at Ye Olde Menards. By the way, whatever you do, DON'T LOOK AT THE CEILING!

eeeeeek says:

dont tell me- youdidntdoit


Narissona says:

L: What-
F: I swear, Mithrandir drew it! I didn't break a thing!

*Skittles* says:

now, hand over the bolts and knobs...

what? I didn't do anything! It just fell!


Dragoness says:

Leaf: "Let me guess - you didn't do it, right?"

Feiht: "Exactly!"

Nera says:

Leaf:Why did my bed dissapear?

Feiht:Someone stole it! Really! And they had chocolate cake and shinies!

bug says:

Leaf:feiht what did you do?

Feiht:do? i`l tell you what i did not do! i did not just destroy all your valubal stuff :D

Tinutza Fairytaler says:

Leaf: Right... what was this before?

Feith: I'll tell you but it's better if Ayne wouldn't come with us in our jouney! Hi Hi!!!

Ramani says:

L: Some reasonable voice in my head is telling me I don't want to ask.
F: Listen to it. Tell Ayne to listen too.

leaf+ayne =love4ever...not says:

Leaf: i wont tell if you won't tell!!!
Feight:amen brotha!!!!

PhoenixMark says:

Leaf: Um, I was going to question that guy... But now that I see a ceiling was dropped on him...

Feiht: Heehee! This was MUCH better. You should have seen his face!!!


Feiht: Shiney?

Leaf: I am never letting you cook agin.

Lone Star says:

L: Feiht, what did you do to Ayne's table?
F: Oh, I just destroyed it...
L: Ayne is going to get you for this.
F: I just remembered-I have an appointment on the other side of the World That Is....

stinkycheese says:

Leaf: Great. Now we have to carry te One Cabnet to Rule them All in tiny pieces, all te way to Mt. Shiny.

Feiht: Mt. Shiny? Yay!

Leaf(thinking): That was easy

Goldenear777 says:

L: I"m not going to tell Ayne that you destroyed her bed and now she has to sleep on the floor.

F:But it wasn't me! It was because of the shinies and chocolate cake and it wasn't me and i'm not telling Ayne and it- oooohh! More shinies!!

Aj26 says:

Leaf:Do we have to go though this every day?
Feiht:Pew! go though what evey day?

IF there was two more bubbles:
Leaf:You leaving a mass of something behind to show that you sole our shinyes.
Feiht:EPP!!*run-fly away*

Bregenor says:

Leaf:"You can't dump all the trash from your invisible pocket thingy here."
Fieht:"But they're not SHINY anymore!"

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