Final Trial
Chasing the Sunset
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Riverting says:

Ooo, so they ARE going to turn her blue! XD I wonder how they will do that . . . Don't ask Feiht for help - she'll do more harm than good. Maybe they'll just dunk her in a barrel of blue die.

Or maybe I'm just rambling at 11 at night. ^_^

Mimir says:

...Oh my! Oh dear!

'tis for the worse I fear!

Feldar says:

Nah, she'd use magic. She'd probably just "accidently" give her polka dots or something though.

Orakio says:

What you talking about it was a spirit that turned them into amazons to begin with. The whole species sounds like a pixie joke to me. Tell me you couldn't see a pixie doing that. Especially the whole egg thing

Polk_sprite says:

A little bit of her rage, add in a bit of amazon fury, blue skin, a bow, more deadly pointy stuff, and what do you get?

I have no clues, but you beter run away as quickly as you can.

Otherwise, pointy harmfull terribly painfull pain is coming your way. *pulls an arrow out of his behind.* OW! Beleive me...

krazzy says:

you know what there going to do is suck out her brain and place it in one of those eggs and then it'll hatch into a blue amozon!!!! we'll call it attack of the amozans 3 and everyone will hear of it and they'll flock to get 1 and 2 and we'll make millions on the squrril and pixie murchandise oh an those little fuzzy dice ones pluss the spears and the swords of the amozons and then who knows maybe a book series and then it'll be grand and shiny and riches beyond or wildest dreams and several tooth picks but not the usual plain kind the ones made with the red wrapping paper on the end, we'll get them shipped from india and mabye some take out like those flat loaves that taste like pancakes with the green sauce and while where at it we might as we'll pick up camel milk from egypt and honey to go with it cause camel milks bitter like dark chocalate which i just hate dark chacolate might make you feel good but there is just no way i'll eat it... (continues on for several hours ^.-)

Dryg0n says:


krazzy says:

yes Dryg0n what would you like???

LEit says:

I forgot why Ayne wanted a bow, I had to go back to comic #181 to find out that she'd lost it and had one that was too small. She probably wants one bigger then she is...

Shadowkatmandu says:

Actually, I sense a trap here...they may not want her to leave!!!!

Mimir says:

Yes, that is similar to my fear (mentioned in my previous comment). Not precisely the same fear, but while being amazon seems to have some advantages (I'm thinking of the Fae connection) I'm awfully worried about what it would do to an elf. It just seems to me that this might be a one way road to an Ayne that will be weaker in some respect (though perhaps not immediately obvious). It just feels a bit like the old trade:
"I need a bow."

"I can give you one... FOR YOUR SOUL!!!"

Ivellios says:

alien, mithandir whats the final trial tell us PLEASE :-(

Hex says:

Hmm, if she becomes blue, thats means she is becoming a drow?

krazzy says:

hex is right soon these people will become the evil drow with red eyes and they'll take back the serface and laugh!!! bu ha ha ha ha ha...ha..... wait a minute thats not good!

i_like_shiny_things says:

No, no, no, drow are traditionally black-skinned. And I don't see any red eyes on those amazons...they're Or green. Or something not red.

...! says:

She has to lay an egg!?

Ivellios says:

for her to be a drow it would have to be a more obsidian colour and white or realy pale grey hair

Powers That Aren\'t says:


Amazons lay eggs... Who or what fertilizes those eggs? >:?

Unless it is a form of "parthenogenesis". Then that means every Amazon is just duplicate clone of one of the original "mothers", that got changed by the 'Forest Spirit'...

Any one read David Brin's "Glory Season"?

Mithandir says:

Comic 200, last frame: "Sparked by the spirits, born of our blood, incubated by moonlight".
And that's all I'm saying for now :)

...! says:


YukiNeko says:

...Or maybe she has to KILL A MAN!!!

Queen Julietaini of Kiador says:

You know, if they turn her blue she won't have to change her outfit.

fuzzly cat says:

ayne + blue = uh-oh and oh-no!!!

Aerinelf says:

Eek! I really hope they don't turn her blue. That would just be... weird.

Bubbles says:


Bubbles says:

it wudden b that weird..

JuneBug says:

Maybe they will just give her those dot things like the ones above their eyebrows.
I don't realy think that she would look good blue. But who knows?
(Besides the person who actually makes this comic.) :P

hailstorm says:

i dont understand why shes dong this

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