Chasing the Sunset
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LoneGamer says:


Nice Frankenstein joke

Mimir says:

I think, secretly, deep down, everyone wants to do that at least once in their lives.

Eikan says:

OF COURSE!!! Muahahahahaa... Eikan luffs it! ^-^

krazzy says:

but doesn't she really mean that leaf will live???

NekoHitori says:

*interesting tidbit* did you know that Dr. Frankenstein never said "It's alive!" in the book?

Mimir says:

In th book, he wasn't even a doctor. He was still a student at the university in Geneva Switzerland.

Riverting says:

And he didn't have an assistant name Igor. For that matter, he didn't even have a really lab in a spooky old castle. Just the attick of his dorm. Oh! And the Monster (not named Frankenstein, as the misconception is) learned to speak French.

All of that was just generated from Hollywood.

spider says:

I keep meaning to comment on this; The rain in this last storyline has been really pretty. Nicely done Ayne!

spider says:

Alien. I mean Alien, not Ayne.

Ok, in my little world, Leaf and Ayne are avatars of the creators. Whether this is true or not, I don't know....

Coyote says:

I agree, Hollywood ruined the story trying to make it "scary" which missed the whole point.

Alien says:

The rain's all Lea.. err, Mith's doing, actually. He's good at fancy effects like that :)

i_like_shiny_things says:

*more interesting tidbits* Frankenstein's creation actually was named Adam. Plus he was quite smart, actually.

LadyPhoenix says:

I do like the lightning flash in the background. Very, very nice. :)

Illustar says:

Hahaha! I like that 'sleep in' joke, too.

GoddessOfEmus says:

LOL! i know ive always wanted to do that! maybe i will....*tiptoes into parent's room* mua ha ha.....

The living dead says:

in the books it depends on if its the hollywood reprint or the original for the castle igor and other stuff hollywood bought the copyright for the frankenstein book and reprinted a diffrent version i like useless things

Ivellios says:

meany i wanted to point out hollywood buying the copyright but isnt the original still avalable in some places even though both books are out of print?

Adria says:

I got to sing the monster mash in choir that made me remember it it was so much fun


how could you get sick i was looking forward to the next comic waaaaaah

ivellios says:

whos the cry baby and when is the next comic anyway?

Reinder says:

When you come back, we'll all be going "Muahaha! They're alive! ALIVE!".
If you're having what I had these past two weeks, I really feel for you. It was not nice. Get well soon!

Disgruntled says:

What's with this comic? It's never on time. Sick? yeah sure... only if laziness is an ilness.

Feldar says:

They are providing you with free entertainment. Some people are prone to illness. My wife gets very sick every January and has to go to the hospital for abdominal pains every August. So lay off.

Coyote says:

I'd like to see YOU try to keep a comic on schedule with being sick and keeping a day job and having all the other issues going on. You probably couldn't even get stick figures in time.
You have no right to call them "lazy". Alien and Mith are my personal friends so maybe I'm a little biased, but it's inexcusable to act like they somehow owe you anything. This comic is one of their gifts to the world. What's yours?

finiteHP says:

Actually the monster's name wasn't Adam. He said to Frankenstein, "Remember, that Iam thy creature; I ought to be thy Adam; but I am rather the fallen angel, whom thou drivest from joy for no misdeed."

spider says:

Disgruntled - really, if a friend of yours came over thrice weekly to draw you a picture and tell you a story without expecting anything in return, would you honestly begrudge them the occasional sick day? Be thankful that Mith and Alien are taking the time to make this comic. They would save themselves alot of hard work if they didn't, but because they do *for free* we get to read this great story.

Eikan says:

eikan recommends Disgruntled does something anitomically impossible involving his/her lower organs in fornication.....Leave Alien and Mithy be! They're trying as hard as they can; you can close your internet window if you don't like it! Alien and Mithy are too shinee to be mean to. ^__^

spider says:

"something anitomically impossible involving his/her lower organs in fornication"

hee hee. I am practicing that one so that I can use it in conversation :-P

shinee who must be obeyed! says:

Disgruntled, whoever you are, if you dont like the fact that sometimes a comic will be delayed by illness please keep it to yourself. Alien and Mithandir do this for free so instead of calling them lazy you should be thanking them. If you dont like it, then dont read the comic.

Coyote says:

Now that I think about it, let's not feed the troll any further.

Phydeaux says:

Maybe if we stuff it it will eventually pop?

Ivellios says:

you must be damm stupid to think that mith and alien are lazy if they put up a comic 3 times a week sp do you have a comic site if so i would like to see how crap it is

Shadowkatmandu says:

Here's the beauty of the web: If ya don't like a site, or get unhappy with how frequently (or infrequently) it updates, all ya gotta do is NOT GO THERE ANYMORE.

Beautiful strip, great story, keep up the good work.

Mithandir says:

Now now ... let's not start a war here, everybody is entitled to their opinion. Thanks for standing up for us tho :)
Comic will be up tomorow (wednesday) at normal time (so we're skipping monday, sorry).
Expect a news post soonish with details

Moonclaw says:

I love this comic! Love the artwork. Love the story line. You do a lovely job with it, keep up the great work.

Midget says:

always forget to post....

i'm jealous of her...i never get to do that!!!!!

much agreeing with shadowatmandu though...

not to "start a war" but if you don't agrre with a site, you really don't have to what if you never get to see what happens?

I hope i don't get attacke with replys to this one.

SpinKitty says:

Free comics are good! They update when they update... Congrats on the marriage, you two. This is a lovely comic. I've really enjoyed it! (I always know when it's been updated, cuz I subscribe to, which added this comic to its line-up about a week after I'd discovered it on my own.) Keep up the good work, but don't push yourselves too hard.

Adae says:

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions . Mine is I read this comic because I like the story and the art. I don't read it because it is regualar. I don't especialy care when it goes up as long as it eventualy does

Sesshi says:

Alien and Mith try there hardest three times a week to bring us entertainment! How dare you call them lazy! They're at comic 219, and you call them lazy!? *deep breaths* If you dont like it, dont come here. Remind us to all leave rude messages on your webcomic website if ever you have one.

Sesshi says:

Chasing the Sunset is honestly one of my favourite comics. It doesn't have an overly-huge fanbase, which can greatly inflict the comic, and it has a great storyline with realistic and memorable characters! (I've seen what happens when a comic becomes too popular, like when Eversummer Eve began charging to read it, or when 8-Bit Theater losts it's 8-Bittyness.) Never, ever, ever let anyone or anything stop you from making Chasing the Sunset! If you stop this comic I will cry. A lot. But i'll keep smiling since it's still up :D

Bob The wonder cow says:

so I was curious which one was the best out of the group for the make your own interaction between feit and Leaf?

Spoon says:

chasing the sunset is one of my fav. comics. its easy and light hearted, the characters have DEPTH to them. when i see that the comic hasnt been updated, i dont think "great, they are late again", i instead worry over you guys. i dont care if you update once a MONTH, instead of 3 times a week. this is a great comic, and like sesshi siad... "If you stop this comic I will cry. A lot. But i'll keep smiling since it's still up :D"

...! says:

Ignore that last comment.

There is no Spoon.

(Just kidding!)

Adae says:

I don't care when it goes up. I want you guys to stay healthy and not over work yourselves. This is the only webcomic I read.

pixiejessica says: you know of a person named...DAVID KAYE?? or am i just paranoid? also do you know of a person named breanna who just might HAPPEN to have spoken to you B4....who has friends and do you know a man named RICHARD COX??

YukiNeko says:

they update three times a week? I didn't know that...^.^; i never keep track of these things...

Queen Julietaini of Kiador says:

Like Adae, this is the only webcomic I read. And I love it.

Phoebe says:

Disgruntled, you are a ketchup slurpin' cheese eatin' eejit-smeller.

Phoebe says:

sorry Mithrandir, didn't notice your post.

Frostfire says:

\"Frankenstein\'s Monster\" was misnamed, who was the real monster, remember Adam was just trying to live his life. He harmed nobody who didn\'t try to harm him. Even in the movie, he wasn\'t really a monster, he was made that way by humans. Remmeber the little girl he threw into the river, he was horrified when she didn\'t float. Amber Thompson AKA: Frostfire; AKA: MS Frost; AKA: Sasha Whitefur define you.

fuzzly cat says:

hahaha hahaah

AnyaStyrzod says:

It's funny how one frame sparks an entire Frankenstein argument...and how one comment sparks a 'war'

Bubbles says:

Disgruntled, I do not agree with you. I love CtS, no matter how often it updates.
SpinKitty, what marriage?

fluffy says:

anyone notice purple skin

JuneBug says:

He's alive! ALIVE! Muahahahahaha!
Oooooo! That is fun!

JuneBug says:

I like to sleep in, too. ;p

TheNextTaggerung says:

Disgruntled, if you think Alien and Mith are lazy, go start your OWN webcomic, update it 3 times a week, have excellent artwork and storyline, and keep at it no matter how sick you get.
Not so easy, huh?

fieryonionofDOOOM says:

this point has been made many times already, but I see no danger in restating it:
Mith and Alien are great artists and funny people and they deserve two internets for awesome and I don't care how much/little they update as long as they keep doing it and they are NOT lazy and your mother does strange things with vegetables and *inhale* I present the aforementioned two internets *sparkle* and please don't cancel the comic or I will be very very sad. And then you will be guilt- ravaged for all your lives.

aj400 says:

why is the floor moving?

Aj26 says:

why is the ground rocking in panel 2 and 3

Aj26 says:

even Anne notices.

hailstorm says:


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