Like Adults
Chasing the Sunset
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Alien says:

More mushrooms. Frame 1 was drawn well before the script was made.

Mithandir says:

Er ... yes .... good thing that doesn't happen anymore now I'm so punctual with scripts eh ? Er ... (hides)

Queen Julietaini of Kiador says:

Are there-gasp-FLOWERS-in Leaf's hair?!? Too feminine. WAY too feminine.

ivellios says:

its not feminine its elven and theres only one

Dark Flame says:

Myrad is right, that is how some, *cough* most, adults act.

Winter_Raven says:

I reckon Myrad should've had bigger teeth. It looks demented with little knobs poking out of his gums.

Babaycakes says:

I still see no mushrooms!!!!!!!!!

Dark Flame says:

"I walked. Don't ask silly questions." That line is hilarious.

Lady Sol says:

I actually think it looks as though Mhyrad is wearing braces. Certainly doesn't help him look ferocious.

OneTimer says:

It has already been established that leaf is a touch on the girlish side. Enough.
There had better be no replies relating to my understatement, thats too predictable.

dancer says:

arent there two flowers?

LiaFlame says:

now ayne looks the same as she does in the rest of the comic. is she like Arya? and all the other Eragon elves? can she change her appearance?

Nightclaw says:

Y'know....I think that Leaf is more feminine than Ayne even a girl? I can't tell anymore.... T____T I'm so confused!

Shadow Phoenix says:

I've decided that Ayne didn't grow, Leaf just shrank.

Eolill says:

"Way too feminine", aww, come on, let the guys have flowers and cute stuff too! Has to be tough having to be.. well.. tough all the time. =P

Tensk1234 says:

Did you see the flowers in his hair. from the little girl.

Goldenear777 says:

Cool, Ayne's arrows are multicolored!

Tola says:

I don't suppose it's possible to change who asked 'how did you get here'...

ultrainventor says:

did Ayne answer her own question? was it Leaf that was suppose to ask her how she got there?

hkmaly says:

ultrainventor: Of course it was Leaf. To be exact, in black-and-white version it was Leaf who asked "How did you get here". Seems like it got confused while coloring.

ultrainventor says:

i thought so.

elvi says:

she really looks a lot older than him -.-'

Phenoca says:

Hahaha! I didn't know that high fantasy stories (my favourite genre) could be so funny (dragon makes me laugh)!

Osk says:

last line so true. goes for managers too

Camolotthe29 says:

"it's a shortcut to..."
(everybody runs to te mushrooms)
Also, your parents aren't going to accept it.
They're going to celebrate your decision.

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