The privacy of canvas
Chasing the Sunset
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shinee who must be obeyed! says:

First comment! cool!

Wow a dozen people listening? dont the amazons know about privacy? sheesh

spoon says:

oooooh. a shinee!!!


you know, its not that the amazons dont know the meaning of privacy... think bout ayne. you know shes gotta be just a touch loud. id be willing to bet leaf can hear her wherever he is :)

i like this healer person. she gonna become a regular?

Sabreur says:

"They followed me home. Can I keep them?" Classic. XD

Seriously though, I'm loving the Amazon sense of humor here. While true to the "warrior woman" roots of the myth, they've definitely been given a unique and interesting character all their own. Personally, I like these amazons better than the 'original' amazons of legend.

And I agree than Anye probably isn't the quietest of conversationalists. :-)

FragFrog says:

Well, with no men and all, you wonder what they'd need privacy for ofcourse :)

But I absolutely LOVE their sence of humor.. I dare say it doesn't do under for the books by Terry Pratchett or Douglas Adams :))

Reinder says:

Well most of the time when male writers fantasize about a society without men, the need for privacy becomes urgent very quickly.

Mimir says:

Guh! That last comment aside... privacy can exist for a plethora of reasons... in this case the concealment of affairs of state (new member: Ayne) until the appropriate time for this to become general knowledge. Hell... I know there's sometimes I like some privacy... and that's here in an all male dorm.

In other news... I like the doctor's hairstyle. She would, in my opinion, make a wonderful dark overlord of earth. With hair like that... mad science and world takeover just call to eachother!

Riverting says:

That one was just full of jokes. Trying to make up for the serious comics? ^_~

I like it! ^_^ Made me smile and go "hahaha."

Sesshi says:

Hehe, the amazon story arc has deffinitely got to be one of my favourite ones yet. Btw, is Sohac/Rhyme coming back or was he/she just a random character(s)/plot device(s)?

Dragon boy says:

congrads to Alien and Mithandir. and i liked the humor in the update. but i have one question. where is Feiht during all of this? ooo a penny :)

EdorFaus says:

Well, for once there's quite a few other people about, so wouldn't surprise me if she's busy playing pranks on the amazons :) or talking with them or something.

Sarah says:

Okay wow... I just got all caught up on this and...well...WOW... This is up there with Elf Life and Shadowfall and Suburban Jungle! Keep it going.

Tealya says:

Just like being in any small community, there is no such thing as privacy. Hmm, where is Feiht? Oh, I bet I know! She's over... a pennny?! Where?! Shiny! Shiny! *goes after shiny*

pixiejessica says:

who are you sesshi!?!? e-mail me asap to tell me! are you who i think you are.......

shinee who must be obeyed! says:

Hey wait a second, wasn't Myhrad in the tent in comic 217? When did he leave?

Eikan says:

midgee, stop it with the attention to details ^_^;;;;

Alien says:

Yay for attention to detail!

AnyaStyrzod says:

Detail is important! Ten seconds of observation could save your life.
*anyone notice the quote...?*

JuneBug says:

The doctor has chubby legs.

Pyrusticia says:

The first non-born Amazon since the initial group, plus the first Elven Amazon ever...and you honestly think people are just going to sit in their own tents and wait for news? Heck, I'm surprised the entire village isn't outside the tent listening! ;)

hkmaly says:

Pyrusticia: You overlook the "I've just decided" part. The ones listening now are only curious about "elfmaiden". The rest of village will came after the word about her becoming amazon spread ...

Aj26 says:

what happened to the light?

hailstorm says:

The lightning killed it

Lokitf says:

The doctor has a good witchdoctor hairdo

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