Not gonne tell ya
Chasing the Sunset
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GG Crono says:

First comment, nyah!

This is getting more interesting by the minute.

flamesofgrowth says:

be more interesting if I could see it.....I'm just getting lots of errors.....

Mimir says:

5 inches tall with wings... Oooo... it would explain a lot. Heh. Cutting comments: Ayne-1 Amazons-0

flamesofgrowth says:

Ah, there we go......

sjon says:

5 inches tall with wings... aww, survival not guaranteed indeed!

Eolill says:

And we are getting some real trials, after all... ^_^ And us who thought she could just pass them all wihtout even trying.

Tealya says:

Okay, so my vote is that a pixie did it. Think maybe Feiht had something do to with it?

Mithandir says:

Ooh conspiracy theories...
Random fact: did you notice that Arandi (the healer)'s colors are the same as those of Feiht's wings (or would be in normal lighting)

shinee who must be obeyed! says:

Maybe a pixie did do it, who knows? They would have either been distracted by something shiny or would have run out there attention span in less than a minute.

Powers That Aren\'t says:

A pixie... >:|

A pixie created a whole new race of people, with a *completely* *different* reproductive process than the "norm"!?

A pixie, did this... >:\

With their attention spans!? I don't *think* so! >:P

You need a force capable of an act of concentration longer than just a few seconds!

A pixie... >:( I mean, *really*.

pixiejessica says:


pixiejessica says:

sesshi please e-mail mith to therefore gain my e- mail address and write me to talk to me ok? ok.

GoddessOfEmus says:

i wish i had blue skin.....

Mimir says:

I can just imagine it now:

Pixie: Oooo... people... time for some fun...

Future Amazon 1: Ack! A pixie! Run!

Future Amazon 2: Wait... maybe we can use this to our advantage...

FA1: What do you mean?

FA2: Dear pixie... haven't you always thought that blue was a very shiney colour?

eekee says:

I love the pixie idea! ^_^ Amazon history - part III Implies it may not be true... but maybe the image there is just what came into the elves' minds when they were told the story, rather than how it really was.

eekee says:

um... that's comic #199, the HTML tags were stripped. (can't have fun. *pout*)

sfriedberg says:

Hmmm... I wonder if the trial involves demonstrating a sense of humor. The Amazons certainly have one (each). And Ayne might find it difficult to survive such a challenge.

Nova says:

No offence to anyone but havent you guys picked up on the fact that Feiht has been referred to as a Fey before? I would have thought it was obvious that the Amazon's Fey was a pixie.

Mithandir says:

Pixies are Fey, yes, but so are a lot of other entities. The Lady of the forest is a Fey too (or according to some, _the_ Fey, hence her human name). This reminds me I should throw a page together with info about fey.

Patchwork Zombie says:

if the amazons are half Feiht that expains SO much of their impulsivity and maby pixies reproduce by eggs

fuzzly cat says:

it doesn't have anything to do with feight does it? OH-NO!!!!!!

|O.O| He is scared to death. i made him up!!!

Bubbles says:


leaf+ayne =love4ever...not says:

and anye is doin this just for a bow!!!!!! she is cwazy baby

Lone Star says:

if it has anything to do wth feiht im outta here

JuneBug says:

That could explain a few things...

Aj26 says:

awwe, i hate secrets.

hailstorm says:


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