Traditional blues
Chasing the Sunset
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Sesshi says:

Yay, first comment! I like this comic, it's purdyful!

Mimir says:

It's finally happening!!! I wonder who's more nervous... Ayne, or her fans...

Hex says:

Exiciting, cant wait to see more.

FragFrog says:

Most definately her fans! ^_^

So evil to keep us waiting..!

Really like the shadowwork and evening sky in the last frame btw!

Tealya says:

Ohh, the last panel is cool. I guess the amazons must really like the color blue.

LadyPhoenix says:

Makes me wish I had a zoom function. hehe

Rase says:

i hope i can find one of those blue fire stick thing's they look awsome

OneTwentySix says:

Isn't this an awfully complicated way to go about getting a bow for?

NekoHitori says:

nice job on the last frame. especially on the colouring and the shadows. it's also nifty how the Amazons are all different shades of blue. i can't wait to see how Ayne will look when she becomes one of them.

Mithandir says:

Zoom eh ? Well how about this here?
Wallpaper version of the last frame, all the way at the bottom of the pixie forest.

GoddessOfEmus says:

this i gonna be awesome! Ayne will look really purdy in blue :)

LadyPhoenix says:

WooHoo! Thanks, you're the best! I now have a new desktop! Finally replaced the one of the Amazon's eggs. :)

Lee says:

Wowies, I like this comic, gotta keep reading, update soon. Im curious as to how this going to go. Hurrah!!

Sesshi says:

I can't wait to find out what'll happen next... oh the suspense!! But this just proves that Mithy and Alien have done a great job on this comic - Ayne is such a loved character that we feel her anxiety and want to see what'll happen to her! You can tell a comic's good when you find yourself eagerly awaiting the next... Great job, guys! My hat off to you!

ellwonay says:

hmmmmm, their village doesnt look very burnt....

fuzzly cat says:

very cool info and nice drawings

Onambarwne says:

0.o Oooh! Gorgeousness...

Icy says:


Bubbles says:

ayne will look interesting in blue

Lone Star says:

she'll look freaky turned blue

hailstorm says:


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