The trial commences
Chasing the Sunset
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Mithandir says:

Yikes, that was close, almost didn't get it done in time.
A few more of these strips and my computer is going to run out of blues, hope you guys don't mind the next chapter being in reds and greens :)

GG Crono says: she going to turn blue now? o_O

Mimir says:

I saw this and my first thought was... "OMG... they're going to burn her left breast off like the amazons of greek mythology." Well... I know they're not, but of the two amazon formations in existance, the one that dwelt in such climes as these ones dwell in were not a women only formation, and the ones from greek mythology burnt off the left breast as a ritual of acceptance. These, of course, are a group of amazons completely seperate from either of the others, and therefore are exempt from the historical confines of this lowly world, but it was still enough to raise hellishly loud alarm bells in my mind.

Eolill says:

The tension...! ^_^ I guess she isn't going to turn blue, but it would be cool...

True-Chaos says:

Is it only me or does Ayne look a hell of a lot younger in this strip?

Still the fire is very pretty, umm blue fire... I wonder what pixie magic caused that :-)

Stormdancer says:

Part of the left-breast-burny thing was so the boobeh wouldn't get in the way of bowstrings. So the story goes anyway.

Are those dragon-snores I hear in the background? :P

Sesshi says:

Yes, Ayne looks lik a little kid surrounded by all these amazons! She also looks purdy in blue. Dah! We've got to wait until friday for the conclusion....

Dan says:

Yes they were supposedly removing their left breast so they could fire a bow. Which was only a rumor, the tribe that the mythology is based on did no such thing. Its not easier to fire a bow without breasts and those stories that became the myth were likely just sexist beliefs, that and they made them seem more savage.

Seems she was wise to put her hair in a bun, lets just hope that was enough preparation ;)

*sends Mith a package with blue pixels*

Mithandir says:

Oh wait, pixels, not pixies.
Yay! Blue pixels!

Sacrianna says:

I'm visiting some family over Christmas and the first chance I got, I checked updates on here. I now realize I should have waited. Cause now I won't be able to relax until the next update.

And yeah, Ayne looks younger here. I think it might be the fear, yanno, the fear that is ,as a miracle, actually on her face :P

BenneyChaos says:

I soooo have my fingers crossed for a blue elf. But she didn't sound totally sure of herself.

Michelle says:

Woah, those flames in the frame are so preeetty! *stares*

Silverwolf says:

Why use the fire? Just have Feiht do some of her magic...foom. Blue elf.

LadyPhoenix says:

Ooooh, I just got a new monitor and video card and the strip looks even purtier!!! WOOHOO!

Mimir says:

Heh... Feiht when blue Ayne appears: Wait, you changed colour... and I didn't do it? Weeee! One of my friends must be here!

Ivellios says:

ayne looks realy small in this comic when normaly she is about the same hight as other people

Dan says:

LOL Mith :)

Moonclaw says:

Like the face expressions.

Vick330 says:

I've been following the comic for some time one, and it has become one of my favs. I like the humor, the characters are well-defined, and the story his really entertaining. Blue suits Ayne well btw :)

Phoebe says:


Yeah, I agree. I guess Leaf is short, so she always looks so tall when they're traveling by themselves.

fuzzly cat says:

no comment besides:

Rendezvous says:

When will they find Leaf's dad?

Rendezvous says: that fire going to burn her to a crisp or is it just going to turn her blue?

Bubbles says:


leaf+ayne =love4ever...not says:

all... for boooooooow!

black*magick*girl says:

I love blue- its my favorite color!!!!

JuneBug says:

Aynes legs look chubby.

Aj26 says:

I think the purple girl in panel 3 has too much red to be a shade of blue.

hailstorm says:

No she's just different

J Random says:

Why is she even bothering with any of this? It seems like a strange decision.

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