Happy New Year
Chasing the Sunset
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Mithandir says:

Happy New Year!
Yes, I know it's the same image as last year, circumstances made it impossible for us to get a new comic ready by today so enjoy this rerun (it's better than nothing).
Check back in 12 hours or so for our New Years letters, if you want to.

Hex says:

Hahaha, Happy new year to you too.

sjon says:

Happy New Year ye all!!

Ginny Lyn says:

Happy New Year and I /still/ love the shading on this one.

Eraikei W. O. says:

Happy New Year! You know, as the comic was loading (very slow computer) I realized that I've been reading this comic for a little more than a year, and I still love it. I didn't know I was capable of such commitment!!

mindful says:

I don't mind the rerun. Although the comic has gone through a lot over the past year, I'm sure Ayne is just as likely to do send Feint off on a rocket as she was a year ago! This may sound foolish to ask, but the explosion wouldn't hurt Feint because she's immortal, correct?

Mithandir says:

Mindful: Yeah she should be fine. Pixies are notoriously hard to get rid of, altho the scholars of Nil-dahz have a very good defense against pixies: they're very boring.

Sesshi says:

I LOVE this pic!! I'm sorry, but this is one of my fav Chasing the Sunset pieces you've ever done, so I don't mind the rerun! =D Happy new years, all! And congratulations Mith and Alien on all your amazing work year round!!

LadyPhoenix says:

I have a notoriously bad memory (just ask my hubby) so it's new to me, even though I did see it a year ago. lol

Fia says:

Happy new year to both of you as well! I haven't ben here that long, so this is new, and I must say I like it! =D

Dan says:

Happy New Year, and may all your pixies sparkle happily in the sky

Sacrianna says:

I wonder...Would adding pixies to fireworks make them extra sparkly, or would the explosion be downsized? I mean, the pixies might like it and add their own magic sparkles, or on the otherhand, they might go "sparkle crazy" and keep all the sparkles together. Perhaps we should catch Feiht and some other pixies and do experiments...;P

Moonclaw says:

Happy New Year all! ^_^

FragFrog says:

I thought it seemed familiar.. :D

And hopefully a word of cheer.. I love this comic, and undoubtly many other readers with me. No need to be sorry, not to us anyway.. Live has this silly way of putting us down when we least expect it, we understand.. For now I just hope you'll find your sunset again soon :)

In any case best of wishes for 2005 everyone..!

K\'layna Yaova Calahadras says:

Happy New Year All!!!! Dun worry...i know i'm not mad about the comic..it's too good of a plot and it's worth the wait!!!!! Midget luffs the artwork too.!!!

Eikan says:

*big huggles for Mithy* look, it's fine...everyone's worst critic is themselves; I'm sure the story you're writing will be great. I'll bet that Leguin started out terribly. We all did. Don't be so hard on yourself! *huggles*

Eraikei W. Onishima says:

Hai, we all start out bad... Some of us never change, though... ::Cough::Midget::Cough:: Once again, Happy New Years! ^_^

Mimir says:

Yes, I have always enjoyed this one comic, and I always go back to it whenever I feel that Feiht is getting just a bit TOO annoying. It comforts me.

Happy New Years Everyone!

Eolill says:

Aww... don't be so hard on yourself. You're doing a great job! I mean, compare the comics you don't get up to the ones you DO get up, and the difference is big. And normal people don't do webcomics, so they don't work as hard as you.

Ice says:

hey, ive never posted b4 im jes a reader but i wanted 2 say i luv ur comic, and dont worry bout update probs! ur comic rocks, and its worth waitin for. im prayin for alien 2 get better 2 -ice

Beacon says:

Things will turn around. Just be strong. I've been where you are now, or at least some place like it, and I know it won't be my last time there (having a mild chronic depression doesn't help). I've certainly known what it's like to read a book, look at a webcomic, etc. and think to myself "I'll never be able to do that." I remind myself that I know, deep down, that I CAN do it, and that I'll never be happy if I just give up. It's not always much, but it helps enough to get me through the day.

And you ARE a good writer. Look at all of us if you need proof. I love the world you've created, and I can't wait to see more. Never appraise you're work while you're depressed, it just makes things worse. I'm sure Leguin wasn't a master writer when she first began.

Two bits of advice for anybody doubting their abilities:
1) Look at something that's grown. For example, College Roomies from Hell. The artwork at the beginning was horrible, but she's gotten so much better. The writing's improved a lot, too. I still have my first fanfic, to remind me how much I've grown. Hell, if you want, Mith, I'd be willing to send you that bit of writing, and some of my more recent works.
2) Perspective is important. Search the internet for some of the crappy fanfics and webcomics (you won't have to search long). Once you've seen what a real absence of talent looks like, it's easier to acknowledge your own existing talent.

I hope this helps in some way, even if it's small.

NekoHitori says:

Ditto to what Beacon said. Also, keep in mind that you never would have made it this far if you didn't believe in yourself in the beginning. And it is through strife that we are able to reach our full potential. I know you'll pull through this and come out of it better than ever, and so do the rest of your readers.

Adae says:

Yes you do wonderful! Keep up the good work Mithrandir and Alien! And if you need a break feel free to take one.

krazzy says:

is anyone even slightly worried she'll turn blue?

Mimir says:

I'm deathly worried. I don't know precisely why, but her going in that direction just seems like it may take something out of Ayne. It nags at me, that she'll be left weaker somehow. Grrr... if only I could put my finger on my worries.

As for you two (Mith and Alien) you have nothing to apologize to us over. You didn't HAVE to go and make over 200 panels for our enjoyment (and torture) but you did. Thank you.

AnyaStyrzod says:

Wise words, Beacon

Bubbles says:

I LOVE this pic!

Rendezvous says:

I really, really love this pic. You know, if Feiht gets blownup, that'd be awesome. of course, she wouldn't die, cos' she's a pixie.

Lone Star says:

*cue music* we wish you a merry comic, we wish you a merry comic, we wish you a merry comic and a happy new year!

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